Writing & Speaking


Papers, Book Chapters & PhD Dissertation

Museums in 2018+
Ten Essential Issues in the cultural realm

Jüniör Booklets


Reimagining Archives:
An Investigation into Novel Experiences of Archives towards Heritage Knowledge Production and Dissemination

PhD Dissertation, Politecnico di Milano

Reimagining Archives
in Polimi design phd_017:
10 PhD thesis on Design as we do in POLIMI,
Serie di Architettura e Design, FRANCOANGELI


Living Structures of Heritage Dissemination:
A Design Framework for Novel Archive Experiences

International Conference on Design Principles & Practices


Shaping Technologies for Intercultural Interactions
in Designing Multivocal Museums: Intercultural Practices at Museo Diocesano, Milano, MeLa Project Publications
(publication with L.Greci)


Archives as new spaces for engaging experiences: Technologies and Languages within the Scenario of
“Heritage Continuum”

NODEM Conference Proceedings


Towards a “Smart Heritage” as Future Diffused Museums: Design and Communication Technologies to Innovate the Experience of the Cultural Patrimony in Smart Cities 
The International Journal of the Inclusive Museum
(publication with E.Lupo)

Bottega di Falegnameria, maestro Costante Cavalleroni
Autentico Contemporaneo: Design e attivazione dei Saperi Tipici e Maestri Artigiani Milanesi, Maggioli Editore

Talks, Presentations & Workshops

MuseWeb, April 2019
Boston, USA

Service Design Drinks, Oct 2018
Milan, Italy

We Are Museums 2018
Marrakech, Morocco

CIRN Conference 2017
Prato, Italy

Design Principles and Practices 2016 Conference 
Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

EAD 2015 Conference
Paris, France.

STS Italia 2014 Conference
Milano, Italy.

NODEM 2014 Conference
Warsaw, Poland.

Riches 2014 Conference
Pisa, Italy.
(with DeCH team)

NODEM 2013 Conference 
Stockholm, Sweden.
(with E.Lupo)

The Inclusive Museum 2013 Conference
Copenhagen, Denmark